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I have a multi part question. My mother needs a new birth

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I have a multi part question. My mother needs a new birth certificate as she was born in Puerto Rico. The problem is that there were errors discovered on her original birth certificate. She has always been able to use her baptism papers which are correct. The errors being the last name is XXXXX XXXXX and there is no mother's name listed on her birth certificate. Puerto Rico's office of vital statistics tell us that we need to obtain an attorney to get this fixed. My question is what type of attorney do we need to contact and can we obtain this attorney where she currently lives in Tampa Florida or do we need to obtain this attorney in Puerto Rico? Also how quickly could this be resolved as she no longer has an ID because of this and she needs one as soon as possible.

Hello JA Customer,


I am an expert here at Just Answer and I would be happy to answer your question.


I would suggest that you contact an attorney that is licensed to practice law in both the State of Florida and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


With an issue like this, I would suggest that you find an attorney that specializes in immigration law. I have found a few attorneys you can contact regarding your issue. These lawyers are licensed in Florida and Puerto Rico and/or specialize in immigration so they may be able to assist your mother.


Many attorneys offer free consultations and if they cannot represent you in this matter, they would likely be happy to refer you to an attorney who can. I am speculating here but my guess is that this type of problem can be fixed fairly quickly so that your mother can obtain her identification card.


I hope this helps, best of luck!


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