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husband in contempt for at least 3 issues. admitted in court

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husband in contempt for at least 3 issues. admitted in court to beatingpuppy in front of kids and also beating little girl in ICCU court did nothing did not even mention in judegement he is a teacher he also emotionally abuses kids and they coem home with bruises he only sees thm 5 hours per week and now has given him more time even though he testified to atrocities corrupt judge?
Thank you for your question.

May I ask what the reasoning of the judge was to give him more rights? Did you ever file a formal petition or complaint against your husband for abuse?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no, this is our first time in court. he lost part time job with free insurance for fraud against state two weeks prior to court date. refused to insure children through teaching job one of which is desparately, chronically ill, $6 - 800 month out of pocket for doctors(16) and rxs. Court ordered insurance. he did nothing. Have threats to get more visitation on voice mail and texts for his demands. in court he admitted to the atrocities. The judge did not incldue any of this information in judgement and gave him more visitation and no consequences for contempts. Also wrapped younger boy in sheets like mummy and fed him jalapeno peppers punch buggied them until bruised. there is so much more. I spend 24/7 keeping our daughter alive and she is hospitalized several times yearly. The stress causes her to have migraines, stomach aches and severe sugar fluctuations. by the way the visitation was what he wanted 5 hours on sundays. but because of court to pay less cs he stated he wanted more. Even in status hearing with different judge he admitted time sharing was how he wanted it. i do not understand how a judge could say he is a loving caring father after admitting about beating the puppy in the head repeatedly in front of children and beating daughter while in ICCU. Makes no sense. I even had witnesses to my character and other atrocities down through the years he has done showing he is a loose cannon with an altered sense of right and wrong. there was no counseling or anything even mentioned in final judgement except what a caring loving father he appears to be. This is so wrong and so dangeorus for the children. how old do they have to be to see judge for their versions and feelings to be heard? trying to be concise. Just alot of info and very concerned for their well being in the long run. Is the judge corrupt? No justice at all. Thank you.
Thank you for your follow-up.

What you are posting is extremely troubling. Unless you yourself have some sort of grounds through which you can claimed to be unfit yourself, if the children were physically assaulted and the judge did nothing, I would suggest that you strongly consider filing a petition for recusal--this is a formal request that the judge step down and have a new and separate judge take over the proceedings. I would strongly suggest that if you do go that route, you retain counsel since an improperly worded recusal order may anger the judge and keep him on, and ultimately worsen your situation further. From your facts I do not know if the judge is corrupt but you definitely should consider attempting to remove this judge from hearing your case.

Good luck.
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