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I live in Maine and my divorce decree says I have to give my

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I live in Maine and my divorce decree says I have to give my ex husband 30 days notice if I want to move out of state. I am looking to move to Oregon for school and to be closer to my fiance's family. I have not family here in Maine and my support system if something should happen in an emergency and I can't get to the children, is my fiance and my ex. Do you think it will be hard to get the courts to let me move?
The court's primary concern is always with the best interests of the children. If your ex does contest your request to move out of state with the children, you should also be prepared for a full custody evaluation. In particular, be prepared to show:

Whether the move would result in a better quality of life your children;
The extent to which your ex currently exercises his right to spend time with the children;
That you are willing to allow for longer, less frequent visits if your request to move out of state is approved;
That you will actively support such changes in the visitation schedule;
That you are prepared to absorb the increased cost of transportation;
And that your move is not an attempt to restrict your ex's access to your children.

You may want to have legal representation for the process so that you are not learning as you go along.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Is it possible that the courts can tell me I can't move out of the state with my children? They see him only every other weekend and he never has any additional contact with them even though he has the right to contact them and see them any time he wants. How do I build a case that will help make it so that I have a better chance of being able to move?

Yes, it is possible that they would say you can not take the children out of state. Since the court is most concerned with the welfare of the children, it is important that you keep pressing that aspect of your case to the court. Explain why the children will have a better life.