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Our parenting plan states we must split the cost of all medical,

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Our parenting plan states we must split the cost of all medical, dental and vision bills after insurance. It also states for all non-emergent care or sports both parents must agree, then once agreement has been made split the difference. All three children under this parenting plan need braces to correct a severe overbite. the bio mom refuses to allow the braces to be put on as she states she doesn't believe they need them right now and she can't afford them. she does enroll them in every sport available without prior approval of bio dad though at a large monthly cost for all of the uniforms, tournaments etc. The cost of the sports monthly far exceeds the monthly cost of the braces payment for each party. In a court of law does bio dad have any standing to force the braces issue as bio mom has shown through the sports issue that if a choice had to be made that she could afford the braces if she gave up the sports or that she could potentially afford both. They all reside in Montana State.



The bio Father would have a case, if he can present the medical documentation that the overbites are so severe that if they wait to have them corrected it would be more damaging and thus more costly. He should be able to get this from the dentist he is going to, and, as well, get a second opinion because she will surely want to have another dentist evaluate the matter.


The argument that sports costs should not take precedence over the health and wellbeing of the children is a good one.



If you have further questions, you may post them here and i will continue to assist. Otherwise, even if you have a subscription with JA please remember to ACCEPT my answer as that is the only way I can get credit for my time and information in this matter. Thank you and Good luck

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