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I live in Maryland so I need an answer that applies to my

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I live in Maryland so I need an answer that applies to my there someone there who can answer my question? I have a husband who after 25 years of marriage has decided he is unemployable and will not look for a job. He is an artist but you know how that goes. Even if he gets an interview, he usually sabotages himself and is never called back for a second interview. He has no money and a credit card with approx a $12,000 balance. I am seriously considering a divorce but staying in the home where we will both live until ....... If I get a divorce, am I still responsible for his debts?
Under MD law, you will need to physically separate and cannot live under the same roof to pursue a divorce under MD Family Code 7-103, so one of you will have to move out. MD is an equitable distribution state, which means the court will divide all property accumulated during the marriage in an equitable fashion which does not necessarily mean equal (based on length of marriage, contributions of the parties and any faults in the dissolution). If the credit card is in his name alone, he would be liable for that debt, not you.

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