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I live in California. My boyfriend has lived with me since

Resolved Question:

I live in California. My boyfriend has lived with me since July 2009. During that time, I told him he could take 3 months off of work and I would pay his expenses in exchange for him helping with my children (nanny duties), cleaning the house, gardening, running errands, and providing stock tips etc. During that time I purchased a vacation home with my money and it is in solely in my name.
After 3 months, he did not return to work and I (foolishly) continued paying his expenses.

I recently broke off our relationship. He is telling me that he will take me to court and be awarded 50% equity in the house, spousal support and 50% of my earnings during the time he was living with me and not working.

This does not seem possible since the house is in my name, we are not married and California is not a common law marriage state.

Is there any validity in his claim?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your question.

There is absolutely NO validity to his claim. What your ex is trying to be is a leech, but legally he has no grounds to demand any compensation. California, as you know, has no common-law marriage, which means that you are not married and therefore you owe him no duty. He CANNOT ask for spousal support because to ask for spousal support you must first be married. At most what he can ask for is called "palimony", which is akin to support but for parties who are not married. To get it he would have to show a detrimental reliance on you and your support, but I very much doubt that any right-thinking judge would even entertain this as a valid claim. So no, he has no rights to your home, your earnings, your stock, or any "support" payments.

Good luck!
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