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Hey there.. Question regarding a different situaiton, but

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Hey there.. Question regarding a different situaiton, but with same person. I am home sick today, and a co worker called to tell me that my ex's girlfriend came to my job looking for me (the one I have domestic violence order of protection against). I called the cops, and they are looking into it. Isn't this considered breaking the order, even though she sent her girlfriend? Also, co workers said it looked as though she had papers for me. Looks like she's going to small claims. I still think this is harrassment, since she forced me out of the home (her house). Am I correct?
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If it is the girlfriend and not your ex it is not a violation of the order. It could be harassment by the girlfriend. However if they sue you then generally lawsuits are not considered harassment.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I am taken to small claims, how can she "prove" that I am in possession of her items when she forced me out of the house (her house)? She actually had an order of protection served to me at 11 pm in December, which was thrown out. I left with what I could fit into a garbage bag.

You just made your best argument in your reply. I would add to that argument that at the time she was given the perfect opportunity to observe what you where removing and that you removed nothing of hers.


You are right that she will have to prove the items where taken by you. If you show up at least and make the above argument then she has to have proof (photographic, possible testimony form someone saying they have seen the items in your possession.) If she has no proof she looses. If you do not show up for the hearing she will not have to prove anything, she wins automatically.

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