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Samuel II
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My fiancée, “BF“, has a 24 year old son who has been diagnosed

Customer Question

My fiancée, “BF“, has a 24 year old son who has been diagnosed as bi-polarwith OCD. He is presently being counseled by both a psychiatrist and a Florida social worker. He also has a pending repeal with Social Security because of his serious OCD and related mental problems which make it impossible for him to support himself through employment.

BF has a history of mental illness on her mother’s side of her family and her former, deceased husband was an abuser, both physically and mentally with her son and her. He died of cancer when the boy was seven years old, but his bad influence now remains obvious in his son’s behavior toward his mom.

Over the fifteen years I have lived with them, he and I have had many scuffles and confrontations, some resulting in law enforcement involvement, because of his mental abuse toward is mother. About a year and a half ago he struck me on my left ear during one of his outbursts. She is now 63 and I am 66 and the almost daily battles are indeed taking their toll on both of us.

Neither BF or I want to see this young man in jail, but unfortunately the local authorities leave us little or no choice. It is our belief that he needs to be in a more suitable environment with people who have similar mental conditions, such as a halfway house or similar institution, other than a corrections facility, where he can be monitored on a daily basis. We’ve been told that Martin County, where we reside, and in fact the whole state of Florida, offer no such alternative. In fact the Florida legislation states we have to accept him in our home unless he commits a crime. Again, we do not want this! He’s been in jail for a brief length of time before and it did him no good whatsoever. It only embittered him more than before he went in!

We’ve tried a family court lawyer and wound getting billed for $5,000 with absolutely no results!

We are at our wit’s end with this situation.

Please advise us what we can do under Florida statutes to get him out on his own before it is too late!

Thank you,

Jeffrey C Keene
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



At 24 years old, he is an adult. You have not responsibility to him. Where is the law that says you must allow him to live with you, please?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

At one point a while back we went to a lawyer. He had "K" ( the subject in question) sign a document that stated reasons for eviction should he misbehave again. When we took it to the desk at HQ we were told the paper is "worthless because he can't sign his rights away."!!

Again, we don't want him in jail (again). Nor do we want him living in the streets. We want him in some sort of halfway house or mental health facility, but we keep getting told that there's no such thing in Martin County. We wouldn't care if it was in Alaska! We just want him to get the help he needs!!

He doesn't drink or use drugs and it seems that nowadays alcoholics and drug addicts can get more (free) help than the sober young man with mental health problems.

Thanks for your rapid reply.

Standing by, JCK

Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



I see. Well, I suggest you consult with your local health department and see what is available for disabled adults as to assisted living facilities. They may be able to assist you in finding a facility. You also can contact your Office of Social Services. They will have the information you require to get him into such a living facility




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I believe we've gone that route already to no avail. BF just stepped out for awhile. I'll get back to you this evening after conferring with her. Thanks.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.





Please remember, I can only provide information and guidance and not legal advice.









Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'll have to get back to you later this week. BF was not in a very talkative mood this evening.


Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.






Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Unfortunately you have told us nothing new with the previous replies. The Martin County Health Department says there are no such living facilities in the county. Social Security says K must be receiving SS benifits BEFORE they can help him find a different place to live. Thanks for trying.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 6 years ago.



You are welcome. Best to you with this matter.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I keep getting messages from JA as to whether I accept or reject your answers. As I stated before, you haven't told us anything we don't already know. Perhaps we can get an "acceptable" answer from a different attorney, maybe something we weren't made aware of before??
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OK. Thanks.