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My birth certificate has my last name as my mothers maiden name my paternal fathers name i

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My birth certificate has my last name as my mothers maiden name my paternal fathers name is XXXXX XXXXX my birth certificate whom I have never met, I have always gone by the last name of my father who raised me all my tax info hospital records etc social security card also has my father who raised me, every document except my birth certificate has my father who raised me's name on it, what do I need to do to make the changes on my birth certificate to list my father who raised me on it instead of paternal father and also change my last name on my birthcertificate to the last of my father who raised me my mom was married for 27 years to him,he is deceased but still consider as my father, not sure where too start? I was born in calif and lived there for 22 years and have lived in arizona for the last 20 years I'm thinking about getting a pass port for travel purposes.

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1. I understand completely how you feel about the person who raised you and he will always be more of a father than your biological father, however, Birth Certificates cannot be changed or amended to include information which is not true or accurate. They can only be changed to correct inaccurate information,


2. You can legally and formally change your name to that of the father who raised you by filing a "Petition to Change Name" with the Court. You will have no problem with that and once your Petition is granted, you will only be known by your father's last name

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Could you also Tell me what court should I go to to get started?

You would file it in the Superior Court in your County. And, if you want to do it yourself, I have just saved you at least $1,000 in legal fees, here is the form you file with the Superior Court:


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