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My wife has moved out of Florida and up to Ohio. She is currently

Resolved Question:

My wife has moved out of Florida and up to Ohio. She is currently pregnant. She is refusinig to answer any questions about the baby. She won't even acknowledge that she is still pregnant.

She also said that, if she does give birth, she is going to keep me from seeing the baby. Can she do this ?

She blocked my insurance compnany from seeing her claims - so I can't tell when and for what she is seeing medical care.

As the father, can I do anything about this ? Can I get a n order allowing me to see the appointments she has for the baby ? I want to know how the baby is growing.

And, can she prevent me from seeing the baby once he/she is born ?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 6 years ago.

Dear JACUSTOMER - You certainly have parental rights to your child once the birth takes place. Until the birth the mother is in control and can basically do whatever she wants, even having an abortion. So once the baby is born you can file an action in the family law court for custody and/or visitation but if she is in Ohio you will have to use the Ohio courts in order to get jurisdiction over the mother and the child.


I'm not certain that you are contemplating a divorce or separation or whether you are attempting to reconcile but if you file for a divorce then you can ask for your visitation in the form of a temporary order at that time. Your wife did not violate any laws with respect to leaving since there are no legal issues involving children prior to birth. As I said above, once the baby is born you will have full parental rights.


Dave Kennett

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