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I am currently paying $363 for a child from a past relationship

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I am currently paying $363 for a child from a past relationship and currently have a child with my wife and i just found out were expecting another child. My question is, should i go to see if I can get the payments lowered on the first born. I was making alot of overtime when the first hit me with the payments about 5 yrs ago. Since then ive had alot of layoffs and barely seem to get by. My biggest fear is going and getting hit with a bigger payment somehow because ive never heard of anyone getting there payments lowered only raised
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The fact that you have a new family is not sufficient for a reduction. However, the fact that you are not making as much may be. Figure up what you have made this year on a monthly average then use the calculator to figure what you would owe. You can ask the judge to at least input a minimum wage to the mother if she is not working. Here is the calculator[email protected][email protected][email protected]_1khL0abZFgRProWTdglAay342dNpfV_cerTgGa

If it is more than 10% less you can file for a modification. If this answer is acceptable and you need the forms or more information please continue in this thread

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for the information provided and sorry it took so long for a response. I will look into the difference of my income like you said. When i look up the income differences from then til now is there anything else that i should look for. I just cant figure out how they come up with the monetary value. I guess i only have one more question if you have time. My wife asked if it would make a difference if she went to domestics and filed our 2 children, once our second is born, if that can be done to lower the payment. Im not trying to get out of paying for my child i just dont understand how it costs $363 a month for one child when i have a friend that pays almost the same amount for 2 children.

Like i said if you have time to answer then i thank you in advance but for now thank you for the info provided and Merry Christmas to you

Your current wife cannot file for child support to lower your other payment. Figure your amount and then file for a modification if appropriate.
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