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my husband decided hes not in love with me anymore but it

Customer Question

my husband decided he's not in love with me anymore but it came suddenly and now he wants me to move from alaska to michigan with in a matter of days i have not seen him since he told me over the phone he doesnt love me anymore.... i say it has been about 2 or more weeks but we have an 11yr old son involved in this seperation and i dont want to leave my sonbut he's not giving us a chose. I find my self second guessing myself that i can not beat him in any decision because he has been in control of my life for so long and i am on disability and bearly get just under 900 a month and he makes just under 4000 a wk working in the bush. plus i think he wants me gone so fast because i believe he has been having an internet relationship with another woman this i found out when i logged in to his msn i know that was wrong but i just had something telling me to and he did not have me in his msn but had only two names one of our sister-in-law and one of a woman named tanya with a pic of her ass! my god i've been his wife for 13 yrs and he took me off what does that tell u? i know what it tells me....what do u suggest i do? i only have a matter of days before he is home and then he will be rushing to get me out of our home i dont know what to do i can not just leave my son like that and i cant afford to live in alaska and my husband wont support me anymore and he just started giving me my s.s.i. so i could save so that leaves me only about 900 in the bank.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  John Domestic replied 6 years ago.
Thank your for asking Just Answer,

You can file a petition for post separation support. This is a temporary request for an order from the court to order your husband to provide you support prior to and during the divorce proceeding. With this the court can also require him to provide you a place to live. Since it is temporary it can be heard fast with little notice to your husband. An Alaska divorce attorney can help you get this the fastest. Here is a link to read more about it. I would NOT move to Michigan if you think this is not going to work. You would be setting yourself up for problems

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