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I live in GA. I inherited c. $450K in 2004 -- stocks/bonds,

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I live in GA. I inherited c. $450K in 2004 -- stocks/bonds, $30K annuity, condo, cash. My sister and I sold the condo for $190K, divided the estate equally. I kept my portion of the stocks/bonds in an individual brokerage account.

Married 41 years. Since year 2, separate bank and credit card accounts and almost all separate brokerage accounts. I've always paid min. 85% of household exps. incl. 100% mortgage/prop. taxes/utilities, a huge portion of other normal expenses, c. 60-70% of our three daughters' college.

My only liability: avg. monthly credit card balance, c. $800, which I pay off monthly. House is paid off; current market value c. $340K.

My current individual net worth is c. $480K plus items of property I solely own worth c. $90K.

How would my inheritance be distributed in a divorce? My other net worth and property?
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An inheritance is your separate property and not subject to division in a divorce unless you have placed any of the assets in a joint account. As long as it was kept separate then you get to keep it. The other party has no claim. However the judge can consider it when deciding alimony and your ability to pay.

Anything purchased during the marriage will be equally divided and you will have to pay alimony, probably permanently.
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