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I have an order issuing me 50% of my husbands workers comp

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I have an order issuing me 50% of my husbands workers comp settlement. He just went through a BRC and declined the settlement. I was advise that I should file a lien against his lawsuit that he will be filing in Court. The order was made in Washington state and the lawsuit will be in TN. I know I have to go back to the same court that issued the order for an order to enforce judgment, but how to I filed the lien on his lawsuit in TN. Does the order go to the Workers comp provider or to the Court or both?

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File a copy of the judgment with the TN court, along with an affidavit from you that it is a true and accurate copy of a valid judgment entered in WA. The affidavit would have the court caption from the TN case, and you would basically explain your right to half of any settlement and then refer to the judgment, which will be Exhibit A to the affidavit.

Also send copies to your husband and the Worker's comp provider. That way, if they settle, they will be aware of your claim and know to send you half.
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