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Lady Themis
Lady Themis, Lawyer
Category: Family Law
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My husband and i married by jp in texas in 1982 ..... divorced

Customer Question

My husband and i married by jp in texas in 1982 ..... divorced legally 13 years later. verbal abuse and physical. we were seperated 5 years. he said he changed, now i have lived with him in his house in houston texas for about 7 years. we never legally re-married but we have joint checking accounts, filed taxed jointly, insurance jointly and so on. now he is getting worse. he has temper tantrums, verbally abusive and now he is living at his mom's and i am at house. what rights do i have in this state. i have to get away from him. please help. we have a son. now my husband is using my son as a channel to hurt me. we are both 58 yrs old.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Lady Themis replied 7 years ago.

What is it that you want to know with regard to this situation?



Expert:  Lady Themis replied 7 years ago.

"is house community property. is retirement fund? can i get anything monetary to start over. he is an engineer makes 80,000 to 150 a year. i have a part time job in retail. do you know texas law?"


The first question regarding your entitlement is whether you are common law married. In Texas, informal marriage is established by either signing a declaration of marriage or the couple agreed to be married, lived together, and represented to others that they were married. Does this describe you?