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i want to leave my husband because of years of infedelity.

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i want to leave my husband because of years of infedelity. i want to do this the nicest way because of our 14 year old daughter but he has made it quite clear that, wont happen. we have seperate bank accounts i take care of all the billing from his business and pay all the bills in the house i too have a small business that makes much less money they his, but have manage to save 8500$ i want to use this money to rent a house for our daughter and myself and pay as much of the rent up front so i dont have to worry so much about bills until i can build my business more. can i legally do this because he says he will file for abandiment. and also we file our taxes together and i am worried that once i leave he will stop filing and the irs will come after me because my name is XXXXX XXXXX on the tax return. please i need an answer so i know where i stand legally thank you
Thank you for the post, to be clear, do you want to file for divorce then move out, or move out and determine if you want to file for divorce?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i just want to move out for now but i know when i do he will probably file for the divorce and i dont know if that is a good thing. i've heard that it is best to file first. we dont own a home together. i know his behavior and he will try to turn everything around to suit him.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX leave the home with an objective intent not to return, he could claim abandonment. To combat this, you should state in writing (perhaps in a "Dear XXXXX" that you do not want a divorce, but need some time apart to sort things out or something similar, and retain a copy of the letter for your records).
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