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My question pertains to Immigration and Divorce, My friend

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My question pertains to Immigration and Divorce, My friend is from Iraq and living in Jordan. She married a U.S. citizen in Jordan who changed his religion to Muslim to marry her and then switched back to Christian. Since being married she has grown unhappy and wants a divorce. She has a US Green Card, S.S.C. and passport, he has hiden them from her to keep her from leaving. What options does she have legally?
Good morning,

Are they living in the United States at the moment?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, they are currently in Jordan, she has only been to the US once for about a week.
You indicated that US law was in issue here. If they do not live in the US, and your friend wants a divorce, then US law would not apply---Jordan law would apply.

Am I missing something here? I can only answer US based legal questions. I am certainly not an expert in Jordanian law and I'm pretty sure we don't have an expert on Jordanian law with our group.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I guess I put the US because she has her green card etc. for the US. I know it was processed through the embassy here for her to get those items and I wasn't really sure if that would make her have to file in the US, Jordan or possibly both. She is really lost and doesn't know where to turn for help so I guess this is our start. I guess we need to contact someone on international law? Any suggestions would be appreciated

She can not file for divorce in the US because she has not established residency here yet. In most states she must reside in that state for 6 months before being eligible to file for divorce.

As she is living in Jordan at the moment, she likely qualifies for a divorce there---and if her husband has stolen her passport and other documents---she must go through the Jordanian authorities and/or court system to have those documents returned to her. The US courts have no jurisdiction to help her in a foreign country---despite the fact that she has a green card.

I wish you and your friend the best.

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