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I am the father of seven year old girl who has been relocated

Customer Question

I am the father of seven year old girl who has been relocated recently with my ex-wife in Leuven a month ago. My nationality is Lebanese with a residence in Greece, married to a Greek and with an one year old daughter. My ex wife and I were married in Lebanon in 2000 by the muslim law and divorced the same way. We signed an agreement which stipulates that she is to have the custody until she is 9 yrs old and me have visit rights and after 9 yrs old I have the custody and she the visit rights ( school and summer holidays) Unfortunately in 2006 my ex wife who is half French traveled with our daughter to France and then to kosovo with her Belgium ( Flemish ) partner - not married as of this date. Since we divorced, my ex wife has been blocking me and making it absolutely difficult to see my daughter as I had to travel to her location every single time! Where I am to see my daughter only with her presence.

Let me emphasize that there is NO COURT order of any sort for this matter, hence I am entitled to see my daughter and be with her as I wish.

Therefore, once again I traveled to Belgium since they moved here last month, to see my daughter but they locked me in their house, kept my wife out, and denied my rights. Consequently I said call the police as I am not leaving without my child. And so the did, 6 police men, her partner ( a UN police officer ) his friend, and his mother all blocked me for not leaving the house. He even threaten me - and the police is a witness of this. Unfortunately the police took his side --- obviously eventhough he has NO LEGAL connection with my child! For what I know he could be molestor, and my ex wife because she need him she doesnt see it!! It could be anything and all wrongs!

This last incident took place two days ago, whereby we filed the case inthe police station and now I looking for a strong Lawyer to take action asap. Money is not a problem. I want to see my daughter as its my right and once the judge decides visit rights we willl go by his judgment but for the time being since this is not the case -- i dont understand why i m denied of my rights -- especially when i offered to give my passport to my ex wife ( she is afraid evidently me being an Arab i would take the child away - something that she did and not me!!!)

Thank you for you time and hope to find someone who can be onmy side for a change.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 6 years ago.
You can find child custody lawyers in Belgium listed by location at

I agree you need a lawyer in Belgium to assist you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
We did that already, check a website! i found this website over the net so i wouldnt search for lawyers also over the net!!!!
We are looking for an indepth consultation and what is my best options in sense how do i file the case to which side (youth, family coucil, belguim court ...) and how to position it ...ect.

Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 6 years ago.
The Experts here just answer questions, we are not allowed to give legal advice, and this is not a confidential forum. You need a formal consultation with a lawyer in Belgium, so I referred you to a list of them.

You are under no obligation to pay anything.

I'm sorry if your expectations were beyond the capabilities of the website.

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