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I have been falsely accused of having an affair with a married

Customer Question

I have been falsely accused of having an affair with a married man. It ignited from one Wednesday night after church in 2009; I went to a grocery store. The security, who was a city police officer, was standing outside the store. He is a long time friend of mine. We stood talking as two people from the church passed by. One person, who came by, stood with the police officer and I and we all participated in conversation.

The person who stood there and talked with the officer and I is the one I am accused of having an affair with. I was informed that a passerby told the man's wife, (referring to the man who joined the police officer and me in conversation) that I was having an affair with her husband and that we went to the grocery store together.

I have never gone to a grocery store with this man. I have never engaged this man in ANY conversation or activity that reflects any type of romantic involvement. His wife went to the church and reported that I was having an affair with her husband to the minister and the elder of the church. Never mind the fact that they have been separated for four years. I did not know he existed until the elder of the church introduced me to him two years ago at church. She has contacted my mother and has repeated that lie to others in the community and that lie is circulating town and is threatening my good image, my integrity and my credibility that I have worked hard to gain and maintain.

I am a professional and I cannot afford to have my name trashed with this kind of false accusation and scandal. Do I have a case to sue her? If I do not, what constitutes a case where she can be sued? It is hurtful, embarrassing and humiliating.

I have a personal and professional policy. I do not date the locals. I do not date married men. I do not date men who are members of the Church of Christ. I have not dated a local in nearly 20 years.

The man I am accused of dating has never come on to me or hinted that he has a personal interest in me. I have never come on to him nor have I hinted or indicated that I have a personal interest in him. In addition, as far as I know he does not know where I live.

Also, the person I am accused of dating (since that Wednesday night we stood outside the grocery store talking), he is a "local", he is married and he is a member of the Church of Christ. OFF LIMITS!

How can I establish grounds to sue his wife for defamation of character?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  legaleagle replied 6 years ago.
Yes you can sue her for the defamation of character and the damages you have incurred. To have grounds you have to show that she is stating lies that she asserts as truth and there is harm to you reputation in the community. You have to be able to prove the harm that her lies are causing.

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