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My soon to be ex-husband came by my house and violated a P.O.

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My soon to be ex-husband came by my house and violated a P.O. I called the police and they picked him up, when they got to my house they asked me where the stolen truck was. I told them that the truck is not stolen and that I have registration and insurance to prove it. I showed it to him. Needless, to say he demanded that I tell him where the truck was. Is this right. I called because my ex- viloated the protective order and is not to come by my house without prior arrangements with the sherrif.   The police officer told me I was in possesion of a stolen vehicle or who ever had it was. I showed the police my registration and insurance with only my name on it. When we registered this vehicle he gifted it to me in the paperwork. Is it community property, still?

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The police officer overstepped his authority by demanded where the truck was. The ownership of the truck is a civil matter for the divorce court. His authority extended to enforcing the PO. You may want to consider filing a complaint against the police officer
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What would be the proper way to file a complaint against him? Should I go to the sheriff's office? They are the ones who enforce PO in this parish/county. Also, the police officer said he was going to document the lie I told to him about where the truck was and who origianlly owned the truck before we titled it in my name. he was soo wishy washy with his questions about ownership, I did not understand. Can this all be used against me in court with custody?
I do not see how this could count against you in court regarding custody. You will want to contact the sheriff's office and inquire as to their procedure in filing a complaint
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