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I am involved with a married man for the past 16 years. After

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I am involved with a married man for the past 16 years. After the first few dates he started to support me financialy, two month later he rent an appartament for me, and make an agreement that if I would see him every day excusively, than he will provide $10,000 per month spending money, pay all the bills and rent, and give me extra $50,000 for my birthday, and another $50,000 for christmas. Also, he requested that in exchange I have become a student. I really love him, even though we have a 34 years age difference. I broke up with him 7 years ago and got engaged in London to a very rich man, but he got me back with a oral contract to set up a trust fund for me and put me in his will. For the past 15 years I got 3 masters degree, but never worked. At the time I am typing this question, I am absolutely broke, because he is in the treatment for cancer, and his memory does not recall any promisses to me. I am trying to get a job, but it is very difficult without any resume. Does he have any leagle obligations to me? What is my options?
Yes you could sue him for the breach of his verbal contact but it will be your word against his loss of memory. You could show how he did support you for the last 16 years and show that there must be an agreement or why would he have paid all the years that he did and why would you have given up an engagement and not worked.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I sue him, wat kind of evidence would be admissable in court? What would happen if he die tomorrow? Plus I really care for him, and it is hard not to be abble to see him. Should I go to his home, where he is living with his wife? How should I start preparing for the lawsuit?
Anything you have, bank statements, leases for the apartments, your testimony, testimony of others who knew of your arrangement. If he died tomorrow you would have to sue his estate. If he is with his wife it will be your call as to if you want to upset her or him by going there. That is your call but she may call the police if you are considered to be harassing them or trespassing. To prepare you need to get all the documentation you can to establish his taking care of you and get witnesses who may testify and then hire a good attorney.
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