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S. Kincaid
S. Kincaid, Family Law Attorney
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have practiced family law since 1996, focusing on child custody and domestic violence
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What would a judge think of this letter after my ex made me

Resolved Question:

What would a judge think of this letter after my ex made me very angry

I got a message from your mother that I am harassing Scott.

First of all I don't know you boyfriend.

Second of all why would I harass him.

Third I want you to prove to me that I am harassing him.

Let me explain something to you. I have offered support to you from day one. I think you need to be reminded of a few things:

Fact - You kept your pregnancy from me, & refused to take a pregnancy test even though i offered to pay for it.

Fact - You denied Medical treatment throughout your pregnancy

Fact - I offered to help you with your medical expenses covering you pregnancy and you refused I have proof

Fact - You went to New York and gave birth

Fact - Your "boyfriend" at that time in New York Threatened legal action against me I have proof April

Fact - You told me on the phone that you don't like taking money from me and that you could take care of jennifer by yourself

Fact - I started the process to establish paternity on jennifer and i can prove that.

Fact - I have a letter from my insurance company proving that jennifer is on my health insurance and that they need a copy of the birth certificate that lists me as the father something you won't do because of your broken down ego.

Fact - I have a copy of the dna test that proves i am Jennifer's father if you have an issue with the fact that you didn't get one talk to the state of Michigan. I am not obligated to give you a copy. Take it up with the state of Mighigan.

Fact - I know child support hasn't been started yet. The state of Oregon has a back log of child support cases. My case is not the only one and is not priority. If you don't believe me call the state of Oregon at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext 411 and talk to them yourself. Which you won't do cause I know you won't

Fact - You left to move to Iowa with Scott and didn't give me an address to where i can send stuff to you for Jennifer don't complain if your not going to cooperate with me on helping you.

Fact - You haven't had a job since March of 2007 when you left Yellowstone national park so don't get mad at me because i lost my Hynix job. I work you don't You have no idea about being laid off and searching for work. I constantly looked for employment while unemployed to pay my bills and support Jennifer. You better not be telling people the I was fired from Hynix. I was laid off from Hynix I can prove that I was laid off. I have documentation of my layoff from hynix You don't

April you need to stop telling people that i want to date you. I have no interest in dating you. My focus is on Jennifer and being there for her. Which is hard for me to do because of your actions. I don't want to date you. Knowing what i know now about you, i will never date you. Jennifer is my main concern not you.

[05/05/09 18:24:19][email protected] : Jason... PLEASE leave april alone. and stop harassing scott. start acting like a father and start sending stuff here and i will see that april gets it for Jennifer. april called me and she was in tears.
[05/05/09 18:25:07][email protected] : this above came from April herself.

You have issues to work out. You don't have any right whatsoever to call up and cry to your mother about whats going on, when you are the cause of all this. Take responsibility for your actions. I have April, I got paternity established. Im working on Child Support for Jennifer. I'm learning a new job so i can support Jennifer. I have health Insurance for her. and Other things for her. You are the one making things difficult not me. You need to stop and think about what is in the best intrest of Jennifer not you. I want you to take your issues up with me. You have a problem with me you talk to me.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  S. Kincaid replied 7 years ago.
I see nothing in this letter that appears harassing, however, sometimes something can be seen harassing in the context of other actions, even when it does not seem harassing itself. For example, if you send messages like this every day, that might be harassment. Saying, "You better not tell people I was fired" is not harassing, but if there is some reason that she would interpret that to mean that you would be violent with her, it could be considered harassment (i.e. if there was a history of death threats or domestic violence.) I am assuming that you would have mentioned if these things had occurred, and since they have not occurred, I do not see this single email as constituting harassment.
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