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Ex wife is threatening to adjust our agreement for custody

Resolved Question:

Ex wife is threatening to adjust our agreement for custody (nothing filed) - 2 kids live with me 80% - ages 11 boy and 14 girl. She claims she can provide better environment and I am neglecting them by not providing "nutritional diet" she is a vegetarian and basically nothing is healthy (she can take them for pizza and B-King). She had affair 10 years ago - walked out on us to be with him. They have house in another town. She claims my son wants to live there now. I am remarried with new daughter 4 - all kids get along. Grandma and grandpa live here too - they help a lot. Ex has asked before to get tax deduction - says everyone flips to share. She pays me 275 a month. I believe there are ulterior motives pushed by her husband - their house was for sale - but now they are still there with 2 boarders. My daughter has Asperger's and says she would rather die than live up there. What should I do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



well, there is nothing you can do until she files. and when she does you can show that the children are well-adjusted, doing great in school are involved with extra curriculars and in the community, have friends in the area, etc.


you also can request the court to interview them in chambers, out of earshot of both of you, to see what they want to do. the court can use their desires in considering a change of custody


you also, can bring up the tax situation and that you feel she does not have their best interests in mind. but rather she wants to benefit herself.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Just found out today that my ex-wifes husband is telling my son that I don't want them any more... a clear case of parental alienation.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



thank you for that information. please tell me what it is you want to know in this regard with this information?