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I need a family law lawyer in Sacramento California to help

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I need a family law lawyer in Sacramento California to help with a gaurdianship matter, also need the same lawyer to help me remove a childs ad liteum attorney for not doing his job.
Hello there:

are you just looking for a referral, then?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi: Yes, I think just a referral. We did have an attorney there and were not satisfied with her. I live in Idaho so cannot spend a lot of time in Sacramento interviewing attorneys.
I actually practice in the Sacramento area; I would not refer you to my firm because it is prohibited by my agreement with Just Answer, but let me refer you to Kristine Cummings. If she is not a good fit for some reason, just repost to this thread and we can find someone who is more to your liking.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi: Mr Mayer: Thank you for your answer. I hate to sound like a sexist but would also like to talk to a male lawyer. In the past I have not had the best of luck with lady attorneys, I know there are great ones but would like to try something different.


If it helps the opposing attorney is Jon Lydell. Also would I expect to pay an attorney to discuss hiring them? I would like to meet with two or three attorneys to see which one I would want to hire.


I am considering one lady now her name is XXXXX XXXXX she is with the firm of barthalomew and Wasznicki.


I am also looking for the attorney to remove an ad liteum for our niece in Sac, his name isXXXXX with Ellison and Robie, I believe. Looking forward to your advice, let me know what I owe you. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX

It's not sexist because you need someone that you will be comfortable with.

I know Ms. Watts but I have not been opposite her in a case yet. I have several concerns: 1st, she has only been licensed to practice since December 2009; this means that she only has approximately 1/2 year experience or less. I would not use an attorney who had less than 2 years under any circumstance, I would not use an attorney who had less than 2 years in their practice area under most circumstances, and I would not use a sole practitioner with less than 5 years in the practice area under many circumstances. Experience is more important than mechanics and there is no substitution for it. Furthermore, though Bartholomew & Waznicky is Sacramento's high-profile family law firm, my exposure has been that they bill for every little thing and their associates and support staff are under pressure to bill for every little thing. I'm not saying that they are dishonest, but you could expect your retainer to go very quickly. If you want someone who will nickel and dime you to death, there is someone else with more experience that I can recommend for that.

I don't think that I know Jon Lydell, at least by name.

If you prefer a male attorney, let me suggest first Don Latzer and second suggest Hugh Allen. I like both of these guys a lot at practitioners because I perceive them as honest and competent.

But Kristine is still my top pick.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you very much for your candid answer. I was worried about the lack of experience also. Watts is a Native lady and our family is also so I had hoped for some extra help from her in that dept. but the last attorney we had there nickled and dimed us to 10's of thousands of dollars. Her name isXXXXX and I am very unhappy with her. We have to be very careful with the cost and the attorneys in Sac are so expensive.


The other question. I would like to set up a day and time, fly to Sac to interview each of these attorneys to see which one I like the best. Do I expect to pay them for those interviews? Thanks again, you have been very helpful. How do I pay you for your additional time? Doug Marsh

Hi again:

Each attorney has their own policies with regard to billing and the initial consultation. Some will charge, but some will not. It really depends on their marketing philosophy and I would not glean anything from whether they do or do not charge for that initial consultation.

I know Ms. Awoyini as well, but I have not heard anything about her billing practices. Thanks for your thoughts on that.

If you care to further compensate me for my time, the best way is by leaving a "bonus". Thanks.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Mr. Mayer: Vistied with Christine's office today. Her sec talked with her and she decided Christine might be a little busy when I needed her and she really didn't want to deal with Jon Lydell. He seems to be very unpopular with other attorneys. Her sec gave me three others to contact. First, Charlotte Keeley, very expensive and very tough, she would chew up Lydell and Spit him out. I talked with Charlettes office and she is very expensive but would agree to meet with me and take the case. Are you acquinted with Charlotte?

(2)Greg Dwyer she said he would be good against Lydell, but haven't talked with him yet.

(3)Next Mike Johnsson.


I had the oppurtunity to visit with Don Latzer this morning and I liked him, he said he can work with Lydell and that Lydell respected him. Don also said he thought maybe jurisdiction should be moved to Idaho. He seemed very likable and someone I could get along with very well, but I think I would be more comfortable with a person who would chew up and spit out Lydell instead of someone Lydell respects. What are your thoughts. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

I know Charlotte. She is a pain in the butt to litigate against. She's expensive, but she is respected and very competent. I personally recommend against hiring a family law attorney who has a take-no-prisoners approach because you almost always have to keep dealing with the other person on some level for the rest of your life, plus there is family involved, and it just does not set the right tone. But yeah, Charlotte won't be afraid to take anyone on.

If you really want someone competent who will take a scorched-Earth approach, you should try Karen Leder. A lot of attorneys will not take a case against Karen because she draws so much blood and has so much venom. Again, I personally don't recommend this philosophy for family law matters (I would certainly for other types of matters).

I may know Greg Dwyer... if he is who I think that he is, he would probably be fine for this case. That's all that I can tell you, though.

I know two XXXXX XXXXXs in the area... for all I know, there may be more. Maybe you could be more specific before I comment?

Don protects his clients' interests, but is reasonable which makes him good to work with, and that is one of his strengths and one of the reasons that he can be effective without running the tab up. By contrast, Karen and Charolette are also effective, but their methods tend to create conflict... conflicts that the clients pay for at around $300 per hour. I perceive Don to be honest, and I think that his idea of moving jurisdiction to Idaho is a prime example--he would basically be moving the case out of his backyard (thus ending his representation and cash flow from you) because he believes that it may be the right thing for your case, not his wallet.

There is no shortage of things to fight over in a divorce, and your attorney may even be able to win some or most of those fights, but what is the value of winning a $3,000 issue if it costs $5,000 in litigation costs in the end and your spouse is left feeling bitter about how they were treated in the proceeding? This is the effect that I am hearing Jon Lydell has had on you, to an extent; again, I personally don't believe in this approach for family law matters (unlike business litigation and criminal law matters, to name a few areas).

But the most important thing is that you choose someone that you are comfortable with and have confidence in. I would almost never dissuade someone from retaining an attorney that they liked because, ultimately, they know what they want for their case.
Brandon M. and 6 other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, Thanks again. I might get back to you again, You have been very very helpful, exactly what I need to make a decision. Thanks again, Doug Marsh