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Im not sure if this is the right area.I have been in a very

Resolved Question:

Im not sure if this is the right area.I have been in a very testy relationship with my boyfriend and I live at his house yet I am not on the lease etc.He wanted me here.I have been paying my share of the rent except for the last couple months due to lack of work.Every arguement we have now he threatens a restraining order.I have no where to go and no money and have been on multiple job interviews for permanent full time work.How can he do this? I havent done anything just trying to survive,cooking his dinners taking care of his dogs keeping the house clean,dishes etc.I am desperate
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Teacher Editor replied 7 years ago.

I'm sorry to say this but since you're not on the lease, you don't really have a legal right to be in the property, especially without making payments. You could argue that you actually have a month to month tenancy since you're somewhat renting from your boyfriend as you were paying rent before are doing chores in exchange for room and board. Even if this is true in the best possible scenario if your month to month tenancy is recognized, he would only need to give you a 30 day notice for you to move out.


My best advice is to move out as this does not seem to be a safe situation for you. I know the job market is though but once you find anything, you need to really just move out or look for some social services that can help you or maybe go back to family. This really is not a safe or healthy situation and you will be much better when you move on and out as you will start to find yourself and who you really are.


As far as a restraining order, since he is not in danger from you, he will probably not be able to obtain one and this is just talk to scare you.

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