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my x boyfriend by court orders is to pay 50/50 of all school,medical

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my x boyfriend by court orders is to pay 50/50 of all school,medical and sport costs of our child. He has not paid a dime since 2008 so I filed contempt with the total of $500...anyways he text me and said he would settle out of court for $200. His half is $500 what I filed contempt for, I told him no I will knock $100 off, he text back if I dont settle he is going to file for child support....isnt this blackmail and against any laws. If I dont do what he says on anything its constant threats like this, can I file blackmail charges or something for this? Court orders are custody 50/50 and expenses 50/50 but he never pays anything. Also doesnt this prove he cant take care of my son and I should be able to get custody?
It is extortion. You can report him to the police and he can be criminally charged. Also his failure to pay his court ordered expenses does not give him any chance of getting full custody. If you want full custody you have to show it is in the best interest of the child and that his extortion efforts and failure to pay the expenses is not in the best interest of the child. More than likely if this is your first time filing for contempt the court will just order him to pay or spend time in jail but more than likely it will not be enough for either of you to get a court to give one of you full custody.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My x and I have been split up for 2 years, he has been evicted 3 places and has now lived with his aunt for 1 yr where my son sleeps on a couch...he doesnt have a vehicle to get our son to and from sports, etc..his aunt takes the child to school,feeds him and clothes him not my x...I need a damn good attorney to go after custody...does any of this qualify me for custody?
Yes that does show that his having custody is not in the child's best interest. You can use all of that to help get the sole custody.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can you refer a bulldog attorney or maybe even you...I need a phone number so I can call tomorrow.
I do not know any attorneys in CO, but you can go to the CO bar website for an attorney referral and you can tell them what type of attorney you need and they can help match you to one that is aggressive in custody cases.
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