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shouldnt each parent have clothes for the child at thier home

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shouldn't each parent have clothes for the child at thier home or the child support being paid to the primary parent to send clothes with the the child when he/she goes to the other parents house?
Hello. Can you elaborate a bit more on this situation? What has been happening regarding clothing at the different houses for the children?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

no clothes at the other parents house. Other parent says that, that is what he pays child support for is for the clothes to be sent to his house, but shouldn't both parents have what the child needs at each of thier houses?

Not necessarily. In fact, the arrangement that you describe (child having sets of clothes at both houses) is not required under law and is not even customary unless the families are well off and can afford to handle the necessities of the child or children in this manner. Most couples I know send the children with an overnight bag for weekend visitations with the non custodial parent (and even sends a few outfits for the child to keep at Dad's house) -- but the non custodial parent does have some things at their house for the kids (an extra toothbrush and pajamas hanging about -- but not because the non custodial parent went out and bought these items for the weekend visits -- just because things end up going back and forth between the 2 houses). Now, if the child is sent over with clothes and comes back filthy and hungry -- that would be a major issue ( a box of laundry detergent doesn't cost a lot of money and Dad has to wash his own clothes anyway, right?). And, that doesn't mean to say that while Dad is not required to purchase any of these things that he cannot do it out of the goodness of his heart or he knows that maybe Mom cannot afford those "RAD" jeans that the child wants this months. If Dad refuses to stick his hand in his pocket every now and then for what amounts to a few more dollars a week than the child support that he pays, he is correct that he does not have to -- but he is a real creep for not doing it every now and then.


I wish I could tell you that he is being neglectful by not doing this, but he is technically correct on the "child support" argument. And I can see why you are no longer with this man -- he sounds like a real jerk.






Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So when he's buying clothes for his other 2 children he doesn't have to buy clothes for the one that he pays child support for? What about having a bed for him to sleep in or a toothbrush?

Yes, he should have a bed for the child to sleep in and a toothbrush (that is neglect).


But, no -- he really does not have to buy clothes for the non-custodial child so long as he pays the child support every month. Not according to law. The federal government requires every state to review the child support calculations statute every year for cost of living raises and every 4 years for an overall adjustment of the percentage rates charged to the non-custodial parent (and they think the adjustment should cover everything). What he is required to do under law and what he should do are two different things. I did not say I agree with it -- believe me. And, if he buys clothes for 2 other children in front of your child then he is real jerk (I would like to use more colorful language, but I am prohibited from doing so).




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