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Ifiled a temporary restraining order for a divorce. The other

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Ifiled a temporary restraining order for a divorce. The other party (without his attn'y knowing filed one on me too) both were held at same time at hearing. I requested a lifetime one the other 3months. I was granted to stay in the house both granted 5 year orders per judges order. I also am going to be ordered to surrender my guns which were not a part of the alledged problems but that they exsisied and I haad fired a lshotgun at a coyote(country setting) Neighbor testisified he has no problem with me and is certainly not afraid of me also owns guns. My guns are family heirlooms Parents my since 10 and 14 excep for a couple. Ishoot spooting clays every weekend, it is turkey season, I have a lot invested in reloasing and game tags and draws for the year. Can I prevent this? What are the rules regarding where they should go.
The problem is that this is a temporary order. Since it is not a final you cannot ask for a reconsideration or file an appeal. You have no choice but to comply with the order. My suggestion is to let your attorney negotiate a marital settlement agreement and get it over with as fast as possible. The other party knows the situation which is why they asked for the ruling. As to where they should go you can place them with a relative or store them with a local gun shop. Just be sure that they are covered by insurance.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
While they are placed can I still compete and use them during these times ( I am the female by the way)where I have memberships and the gun club always has a locked gate
Not unless you ask the judge to make his order more definite and certain as to the restriction on the guns. That is one option you can ask your attorney to do for you. The problem I see would be transporting.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am sure that the answer given includes my use of hunting tags in my possession but I also have others coming that are non transferable and quite expensive should I ask that I be allowed to ese them? He has been out on a restraining order before and violated it twice and was jailed for 3 days. He owns no guns to my knowledge nor was he asked however. You have answered my other questions fully but can I ask if you - in particular - can be contacted again when I actually receive the order if I have futher questions regarding this or my 2nd amendment rights if this divorce drags on -it's been 5 years already -now a property selltement which will be quite unpleasant. My attorney doesn,t seem to "get" the sport or hunting life.
You can contact the wildlife department and they may either refund your money or allow assignment since this is a special case. You should know someone or contact your local legislator. That usually works when you need assistance with a state agency. I am on usually late night or on weekends. Just ask for "lwpat" in the subject line or bookmark this thread and continue it later. I will get a notice.

An accept for my time is always appreciated.

it's been 5 years already -now a property selltement which will be quite unpleasant

There is a benefit to it being over. Good luck to you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry one last question= How do these temp orders of protection affect his ability to function as an MD and Me as an RN
Should not effect it in any way.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is it legal for someone already under a restrained order to approach the neighbors and

1) be within 100yards of the house repeatedly for hours

2) for hours manipulate neighbors with stories not true to get them to testify against you under the guise they were going to testify to his character in court? Neighbors he didn't prior know and /or have very little association with during the 10 years he visited the property on weekends.

He should not be in the neighborhood. You would need to notify the police. Both of you are free to persuade witnesses to testify for you. I don't know what the neighbors would have to say that would make any difference, especially after five years. The judge really will not be interested.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry the weekend is over I had to go out on an urgent errand . I thought .no I know/ I signed up for some monthly advice deal and am unsure whether the charge is due again or if it should fit in the monthly rate so although this is not your problem how does the monthly program I also paid for work hee?
Even if you signed up for the program you are expected to accept an answer that correctly answers your question. You are not charged twice but an accept is the only way I get any credit.

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