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To Respond or Not to Respond X, with unscrupulous atty, waged

Resolved Question:

To Respond or Not to Respond? X, with unscrupulous atty, waged a nasty divorce campaign full of lies, etc. Although divorce is over, X continues in emails and certified letters. I basically refused to respond to her ridiculous garbage during the divorce and yet that was slightly used against me in stating that I wasn’t engaging in co-parenting. Primarily, X makes false accusations about the kids and I don’t dignify with replies, but I feel as though I could lose a perceptive battle before the court (as I am sure X is going to drag me in again and again). I know if I were to respond it has to be measured, but just responding gives her what she wants – attention and a reaction. While I realize this may be more of a psychological issue, I want to be sure I handle it appropriately when I know the next ridiculous court action is brewing. Also, can I notify her that I am refusing all future certified letters (as retrieving them is costing me time and inconvenience)?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 7 years ago.

Hello. You should tell her (in writing) that you do not want to hear from her unless there is a legitimate issue with the kids and that if she persists in spending her time writing emails and letters full of nonsense to you, you will contact the police and charge her with harassment. If you can, see if your attorney would be willing to accept any letters from her so that you can direct her to write to your attorney if there are any legitimate issues and to cease and desist with other letters and emails that are not legitimate. She may think twice if you tell her that all contact should be through your attorney (it may cost you a couple more dollars in legal fees, but it will be worth it if she does not cease and desist and your lawyer is in your camp on that). If you do not want to receive certified letters, simply tell her that you will no longer pick them up and that if something is mailed regular mail if she takes it to the post office she can get a proof of mailing the letter for an additional 50 cents (you should put all of this in your own certified letter to her). There are a few different ways to handle this -- but if you tell her that you are building a case for harassment against her, she may stop.




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