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Hi, Ok so the person he says will come forward and testify

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Hi, Ok so the person he says will "come forward" and testify that I was unfaithful is an old girlfriend of mine, who I lost cotnact with months ago..... If he really did this and she came forward, the only way to prove her wrong would to be have the guy(s) called in which all work for the same company as me. If this happened Of course everyone at work would hear about it and not only that I would be SUPER embarrassed and keep me from all potential promotions. It would end with them telling the truth and Taylor(old girlfriend) commiting purgery but I am NOT willing to jeoperdize my career over this. On top of all of this, we went to the court house and filed together for a non-contested divorce. Monday his attorney is supposed to take the final decree to the judge to file it. I just am not sure what to do basically?

If his attorney is going to file the decree then there shouldn't be a problem. I can't imagine his attorney telling him to call this old friend of yours to court and frankly I can't see how she would know if you had an affair with someone else as that would be hearsay evidence and not permitted. This really seems to be a bunch of idle threats that no lawyer would put before the court.


I can't see you having to call some guy or guys in to prove you didn't have an affair if she can't directly testify to the fact. Also I hope your husband is prepared to pay a lot of attorney fees to do all of this. Most attorneys would charge an extra $2000- 3000 to change a non contested divorce into a contested action so when he sees the costs of this folly he may be talking a different tune. I still can't believe anyone would testify under oath and commit a felony just over some marital quarrel where there was no benefit to them.


I would just do nothing and see what he does. There's really nothing you can do at this point and if the divorce gets filed it will be over and you can get on with your life.



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