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I need legal representation to speak on my behalf at court,

Customer Question

I need legal representation to speak on my behalf at court, I have a child support order out against me that I feel is unjust, I have been to the free legal aid workshops and self help centers but when I go to court the mother of my son’s lawyer really sticks it to me. Are there any family law lawyers who will represent low income people and just not give advice during a free consolation?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ANDREA, replied 7 years ago.

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The attorneys on JustAnswer are glad to answer questions and give information, but JustAnswer is not a law firm, so not attorney-client relationship is formed and we do not take on client representation. A word of caution, as you know, everyone has access to the internet today, so please do not enter any personal information that you do not want viewed by the public.


Call your County and State Bar Association and ask for their "Lawyer Referral Service"; Consultations are usually free. Tell them what your problem is, speak to a few attorneys, ask questions and then select the one with whom you feel the most comfortable. Also ask for the names of lawyers who charge on a sliding scale. Also ask for their "Pro Bono Committee"; these are lawyers who volunteer their time so that legal representation is available to those who ordinarily could not afford it. Instead of the legal aid workshop, you should call your County Legal Aid Society.




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