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I am a single parent....and my childs father hasnt been around...and

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I am a single parent....and my child's father hasn't been around...and only gives money when he thinks it is convient for him. He thinks that the only time he should take care of my daughter is when he is by just recently he is talking about that he wants custody....what are the chances of daughter barley even knows him...he has no car no home..he is living off of other ppl but he wants me to go out my way to make it all possible?

Thank you for the post.


Have custody arrangements and parenting schedules already been addressed as part of a court order? Are there any orders in place regarding custody or child support? If not, was he ever adjudicated as the child's father?


How old is the child? When did he last see her?

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

no none of the above has been initiated.....i have the paper work filled out for child support that is..but they told me that I wouldnt be able to do anything because of the fact that he is on deployment.


I made him sign a Declaration of Paternity right before he left in april 2007 of that deployment so his name is XXXXX XXXXX birth certificate.


my daughter is 2 yrs old n the last time she saw him was on her birthday in may...and that was the first time in like 4-5 monthes

That is correct. While he is on deployment, they cannot proceed.


Based on the facts, it would seem unlikely that the other parent would be able to convince a court that he should have primary or shared physical custody. For all intents and purposes, he is a stranger to the child. Under those conditions, no court would place the child in that parents care. Certainly, he would likely receive a parenting schedule, which would depend greatly on the child's comfort level with that parent. If the child does not know him, he will have to walk before he can run and the visits would likely start out as supervised with someone the child knows present.



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