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I am asking for advice on behalf of my brother, Danny. He and

Resolved Question:

I am asking for advice on behalf of my brother, Danny. He and his girlfriend, Tausha, separated about a year ago & they have a 4-year old son together. Tausha AND her mom have been giving Danny a hard time & have tried to get him to give up his son. They took him to court & the judge issued joint custody. Before they went to court Tausha called the social services & to say that Danny was keeping their son from his medication, of which he does NOT take and for a condition he has NOT been diagnosed with. The social services did not investigate but instead sent the police out with Tausha & they took Damien from Danny. This really hurt Danny. He was not able to see his son until after the court hearing. Tausha told him yesterday that they are calling the social services on him to say that he is not feeding their son & that he is abusing him (a bunch of lies). Danny has weighed Damien on his week to have custody & said he was 10 pounds less than the last time he had him. What can Danny do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  FLACORPLAWYER replied 7 years ago.
Obviously these two individuals have issues and the child will be used as a pawn to hurt one another until they grow up. Until that time, he is going to have to continue to fight these allegations. Eventually, social services will begin to understand that she is a liar and that this is a divorce court dispute. If he wanted to go on the offensive, his legal move would be to file a petition for sole custody on the basis that she is neglectful.
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