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We got a court order for my husband to pay 4000 or 5000 dollars

Resolved Question:

We got a court order for my husband to pay "4000 or 5000" dollars for his half of unpaid medical bills for the i.v.f. treatment to make his son with his ex. first of all, he thought it was covered under her insurance because it had been every other time and he was never given a bill for proof or an exact amount from her attorney or clearly the judge and now the money hungry woman has filed a contempt motion against him stating he never paid her the 2,055 he owes her! we never even saw that number! and they filed to have him ordered to have it paid in 10 days! can they do that? what can we do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Lawmoe replied 7 years ago.

You may seek a hearing to challenge contribution to uninsured medical expenses by filing a motion. You challenge the affidavits submitted by the other parentg claiming those expenses as uncovered.


Most states allow a custodial parent to submit an affidavit of unpaid expenses to be entered as a judgment if the court order requires contribution.



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