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I am in divorce proceedings in Florida and cannot afford an

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I am in divorce proceedings in Florida and cannot afford an attorney however my wife is represented. Her attorney continues to include all of my premarital assets in court documents representing that my wife is “giving them to me” and “releasing any claims” or rights to my home (not marital home. She is currently living in that), truck, Harley (now sold) and furniture which all was purchased way before I knew she even existed. Does she have any right or claim to these items and or do they have any reason to be in the documents? She wants everything we acquired during our marriage and in return is giving me everything back I had prior to knowing her. Also in a divorce case, prior to the final hearing does either side have any right to know what evidence the other side plans to admit or use in the final hearing?

This attorney knows you don't have one and is trying to give you the shaft! I can't tell you how important it is that you get an attorney. If you don't you're going to be taken to school!


Pre-marital property is NOT marital property and is NOT divisible between the spouses. Unless you have made any of your pre-marital property marital property (by putting her name on it), it stays separate.


The marital assets should be divided equitably. If you want to fight, you need an attorney. If you just want it over and are willing to walk away with what's being offered, then you can proceed alone.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you Adam. The second part of my question was in a divorce case is either side required to produce and provide any evidence they plan to introduce at the final hearing?
Sorry for the oversight!

Yes, the parties engage in the discovery process, which requires the parties to produce all information you plan to use or introduce at trial.
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