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I am a former german Citizen and paid child support in Germany

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I am a former german Citizen and paid child support in Germany for 18 years. By a German court decision, I was obligated to pay child support until the child would be 18. In 2005, I became a US Citizen and continued to pay child support to the child in Germany until 2008. In fact, I never missed a payment until the child turned 18. Now after the the child turned 18, I received a letter at my US address from the child (not the court or any other lawyer) with the request to pay child support until the child would graduate from the university (she included an application from the German Jugendamt). Since that request was not a court decision or a summon by a legal institution, I ignored the fact and waited for things to come. In fact, "things" never came. Now, I am planning a trip to Germany to visit my parents. I am not aware that the child is pursuing the matter in a German court, could I get arrested at the airport?
Thanks for your question.No this is a civil matter here not criminal.You had no further legal obligation here.Child was seeking voluntary contribution and you declined.As afar as I can tell here that is the end of it.This shoudl not affect your travel as you have done nothing legally wrong here.
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