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I have been repeatedly harassed via emails, and had the police

Resolved Question:

I have been repeatedly harassed via emails, and had the police do a civil security check (12/31/09) just as more intimidation from my daughter's mother. In 2006 she defaced my car (police reports), 2008 she sent mailings to my job ( via flower co.) and called me over 90 times from12am-9am, 2008 she accused my spouse of child abuse, 2009 she has continued with unprovoked harassing emails. I previously attempted to get a restraining order and judge (8/08). How do I attain a restraining order? Is this the proper action? Is there any wording I should use to do so? Also what argument do I need to make if I need to have subpoenas to the flower co. to substantiate her harassing character?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  NJ FamLaw replied 7 years ago.

If you have already been denied a domestic violence restraining order, there would have to be a new incident of domestic violence in order to obtain one. If, despite the restraints, you have been subjected to continued harassment from her, you may renew your application based on this continued harassment and may be successful if the court believes it necessary to protect you.


In terms of subpoena'ing the flower company, this may not be available to you in a domestic violence case because of the summary nature of the proceedings. You can testify to the number of mailings you received from flower company and these were sent to you (not at your request).

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