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First of all. We are trying to establish child support for

Resolved Question:

First of all. We are trying to establish child support for my two kids that we have joint custody of, I have them 160 nights of the year. We have been divorced 8 years ,no support ever established. I get a letter from her attoerney stating I should pay 421.00 per month. He then sends me a order of court- by consent. In that letter it has a lot of fluff in it. Like paying $750.00 of her legal fees etc... Another letter says that if I dont agree and sign the consent. I need to respond by 33 days to the notice of discovery request-Interragatories. It says if I agrre to the consent order, return it signed and her lawyer will file it with the court. If not he expects me to fill out the discoveries and will see me in court on Jan, 25 the day the Master set in the case for hearing. What do I do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  NJ FamLaw replied 7 years ago.
It depends on whether you agree that is a fair amount of child support or not. If not, you need to either hire an attorney to help you through this or proceed pro se. To help you with tht decision, you can calculate child support at
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This answer is so vague. I have the worksheet already!
Expert:  NJ FamLaw replied 7 years ago.
Run the worksheets to see if what they are offering is what the court would order. If so, then the support amount is right and the consent order may be reasonable. If their number is XXXXX off, then you have to proceed through litigation because you do not agree to their number. I have a susicion, though, that the "fluff" terms, as well as the counsel fees, and the amount are overreaching on their part, which is why I suggest you at least get a face to face consult with a local attorney. My bet is that the support is too high and her
attorney is convinced you will agree simply to void further court involvement.
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