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I have two ex-step children that I would like to get custody

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I have two ex-step children that I would like to get custody of. I was married to their father and raise them for 10 years as the custodial parent. Their mother had visitation. Their father and I divorced 21 months ago. The children lived with me from March 2008 to June 2008 and at that time went to live with their Mother. Their father took his own life September 13th 2009. Even after the divorce I have still be allowed to have visitation with the children every other weekend and Wed nights. They are now 13 and 14 yrs old. Their mother has been very irresponsible with them. She is separated from her husband for a month now. She has been seeing a man for about 4 month who she has filed at least two police reports on for harassment and assault. On her weekend with the kids she is will take them to someones house for the night so that she can go out. Most of the time that is my oldest daughters house. Yesterday she brought them to me because her power had been turned off.
Thanks for your question.You could file custody suit here in Texas.You have significant connection to the children.You have facts to present both in support of you--kids want to live and against mother--her problems you describe.Certainly you can do this.I am giving you reference to the state bar lawyer referral.They can get you 1/2 hour consult here with local lawyer for $20.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If I can convience her to do it as the best thing for the children will it still require a suit or is it then just paperwork?
It woujld jsut be suit and agreed order here.Take about two minutes in front of the judge.But you would want lawyer to preapre and walk you by the judge for signature.IT's important because court might require her to pay support by law.
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