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In our divorce, my ex and I are supposed to share my daughters

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In our divorce, my ex and I are supposed to share my daughter's college expenses according to our income ratio (he being the higher earner). My daughter is in her fourth year now and my ex has been providing tuition support through a state program called Michigan Education Trust (MET), and I am paying for everything else which is actually more money than tuition. IN the beginning of this semester, I found out that my daughter have exhausted the 120 credit limit, and my ex refuses to pay anything else other than what he has put into the MET 10 years ago. Last semester, MET was only a few hundred dollars short of what we owed, so I paid it. This coming semester, the tuition will be well over $6000, and he is not paying. Is there anything I can do to make him pay? Also, my daughter has another year of schooling to do in order to get her teacher's certificate. She is in Michigan State U education program which is one of the best in the nation and they charge full tuition for year 5.
It depends on the wording of the divorce decree. If the decree sets a percentage of the tuition to be paid then he will have to pay above what was already paid towards tuition. However, if the amount or form was set as part of the divorce decree, then you can not force him to pay more than what was set in the decree.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He was supposed to pay for a higher percent according to income ratio as I have stated and that ratio changes over time. No set amount was specified. Also, can I make him pay for the fifth year?

Since there was not locked in period for him to pay the tuition, such as a prepay plan, then you can file an enforcement petition in court seeking that he pay his current and past pro rata share of the tuition. Unless the decree states differently, you can force him to pay his share of the 5th year so long as it's required for the program of study.
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