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HOw can I be free of the emotional abuse put on me by my ex

Customer Question

HOw can I be free of the emotional abuse put on me by my ex (3 years after divorce)as he still uses the children to communicate with and threatens me with getting another attorney if I don't give in to his demands. He calls my attorney and I get billed. My 17 year old son became a 'mother beater' and now lives with his father, who is now suing me for child support, although he agreed to provide for him when they moved away. He is now suing me for child support although I have a 10 year old daughter and a 12 year old son that I provide for 100%. He doesn't show income and I am only working 60% after losing my job a year ago, when i was forced to pay him child support and had to do a Short Sale on my house. I have lost everything and cannot keep up with my car payment and debt. He is suing me from a county he does not live in. He remains an active drug user! I am scared for my future and ability to support my kids. Can I get a PPO to stop his harrassment?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  lwpat replied 7 years ago.
Unfortunately there is little that you can do since I assume that he has visitation rights. You can limit your contact with him by having the exchange car to car at a public location. You can also notify your attorney not to accept any calls from him, which he should not be doing anyway, and not to bill you for them. Do this in writing.

Any modification for child support has to be brought in the same court and the same county as before. He cannot change so your attoreny should file for a dismissal based on lack of venue and jurisdiction. You will be charged for that.

You can subpoena his banking records and also ask that the court impute to him at least a minimum wage. Your reductions will also be taken into account. Normally in the custody order there is also certain restraining orders. If you can show proof you can ask the court to hold him in contempt but that is more for the attorney. Sorry for your situation but there are no easy answers and the legal system can only do so much.

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