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I had an incident with my ex-husband upon our nasty break up.

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I had an incident with my ex-husband upon our nasty break up. It was not a criminal charge, a misdemeaner charge was suspended and i was to complete anger management class, which i did. charge was dropped. my attorney at the time told me that it would be taken off my record. It remains on my record. I was an LPN and suffered injury, was off work several years, want to get back to work somewhere part time light duty, cannot get job as nurse with this on my record or any job currently for that matter. can i get this erased from my record? i have never been in trouble before, never after.



what state was the charge, please

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this was in the state of Wisconsin



thank you for that information.


first of all, you state it is not a criminal charge - well, a misdemeanor is a criminal charge. and apparently you got a plea or a sentence instructing anger management and upon successful completion there would be no charge. and it seems you apparently assumed the matter had been dismissed. however, it is entirely possible that there was no action in the matter wherein the state actually filed a dismissal in that matter. i suggest you contact the prosecutor's office in the matter and provide them with your documentation of completing the anger management and any other provision of the plea/sentence and ask them to file the dismissal with the clerk of the court.


if it is appearing as a misdemeanor on your record and adjudicated with probation or anything - there needs to be a dismissal filed. once that is done, then you can file for an expungement and a sealing of any other records pertaining to that charge. you can speak to the clerk of the court for those forms. but first, you must contact the state's attorney and tell them the dismissal was never filed.



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