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Can I obtain an annullment of a marriage celebrated on December

Resolved Question:

Can I obtain an annullment of a marriage celebrated on December 16, 2008. I am 75 the wife is 58. There has been no sexal intercourse and we have not lived together, although I have visited her in New York where the marriage took place. She has visited me three times for 10 days or less. We have a manufactured home acquired 18 months before the wedding toward which I paid $79,000 and she paid $2500. That is my principal residence in North Fort Myers, FL and she has maintained her legal residence in New York at a hime she owns there. and I All other properties, monies and effects have been kept separately including the filing of Income Tax Returns for 2008.
Unknown to me at the time of the wedding and before the wife has a tendency to abuse alcohol and since the wedding there have been more than one of what I consider a serious binge.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  lwpat replied 7 years ago.
Annullments are difficult, especially after one year. Here I would simply file for a divorce. You can do that in Florida and Florida is a no fault state. Since all other moeny etc have been kept separate there should not be a problem. Simply offer to give her the money vack plus interest. You will have to have a process server in NY give her the papers. Since she is out of state I recommend an attorney to be sure everything is filed correctly. Here are the Florida self help centers and there should be one near you.

An accept for my time is always appreciated.
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