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My children have been living with me since2003. There is NO

Resolved Question:

My children have been living with me since2003. There is NO official custody order. My ex is to pay me 80.00 per month and doesn't. Only every now and then. He had the children for the first three years that we were apart and told the court that I made all kinds of money so the court ordered me to pay almost 700.00 per month. I did not have a stable residence at that time so I did not receive the order and could not contest it. I spoke with Iowa child support and they informed me that I owe my ex 53,000.00 and that I owe the state of Iowa 3500.00. I am a waitress and cannot afford an attorney. I have exhausted all my other options and am at my wits end. Can you PLEASE tell me what I can do?
Thanks Joyce
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your start here in two places and take it one stpe at a time.Take a deep breath here--I understand it can be a daunting kind of thing. First order a printout of support history from child support.You need to know what you paid/what you owe here.Then order up a copy fo the support order from where support was set.

Then craft your own motion to modify child support arrears.Copy the case number, court, etc off the order. Argue that the support was incorrectly set and that you are asking the court to reduce the arrears and interest.

Sign it and file it.Attach copy of the order.Do a cover letter to go with your motion asking for a hearing on your motion. Send copy to state child support--get address of the order or other prior pleadings here.

Don't worry about being perfect here.After all you are going to plead poverty here and it doesn't hurt that it looks hand made.You may well get the court to slice this down a lot here.

Thats how I would go after this and try to work on reducing the amount they sya you owe.Good luck here..
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