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Hi,i have been divorced from my ex husband for 5 years, when

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Hi,i have been divorced from my ex husband for 5 years, when we split up he never had the children or had much contact with them, in the last two and a half years they have not heard anything at all from him untill last saturday when he turned up asking to see the children which wasn,t a problem, except he has arranged to pick the children up in a couple of weeks to take them ou, bare in mind my children are 7 and 9 and aren,t old enough to make there own decision without asking me firdt. I contacted my ex husband today to ask him if and when he wants to take the children out that he needs to contact me to arrange it which he was not happy about he said he will arrange it with the children and i said that would not be acceptible as i am the main carer therefore responsible for them and i need to give permission on whether they can or cannot go, but he was not going to do that. Could you please advise me as am am worried he will turn up when they are playing and take them. Thank you

First of all, your ex is wrong to tell you that he will arrange it with the kids. He must arrange it with you. Your divorce judgment probably has some provisions about custody and visitation. Depending upon what kind of visitation he is allowed, you could go back to court with a Motion to Modify his visitation right now to just a few hours at a time, or at lease supervised visitation, since he has been out of their lives for so long and the children should be given an adjustment period to get used to him again. This is not unreasonable to ask.

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