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I am in desperate need of an attorney My husband left me sick

Customer Question

I am in desperate need of an attorney? My husband left me sick broke and destitute.I have had my lights water gas and phones turned off. There has already been a final hearing but the actual decree is not to be issued to the court til December as I am in need of surgery.No lawyer will represent me as I have no money and my husband makes between 76,000-$96,000 per year.
I live in arkansas and I HAVE NO INCOME!!!!!!!!!Please somebody help me.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ANDREA, replied 7 years ago.

Good Evening,


I realize how difficult it must be for you, however it is difficult to find an attorney without having even a small retainer to pay him.


Call the Legal Aid Society and the Bar Association of the county in which you live; If Legal Aid cannot help you, then call the Bar Association - tell them your situation and ask 1) if they have a "Pro Bono" Committee. These are lawyers who devote some of their time to representing people who cannot otherwise afford to pay for a lawyer.


If they do not have such a committee, then see if they can give you the names of a few lawyers who will take a modest retainer. As soon as one of these attorneys takes your case, he or she can file a Petitione for APL (Temporary Alimony, knonwn as alimony pendente lite) and Interim Counsel Fees. This Petition requests that the Judge Order your husband to pay part or all of your counsel fees; you will also hve to show that you are working or at least trying to find a job.


A Petition for Interim Counsel Fees can be filed every so often during the pendency of the divorce proceedings. At the end, your attorney will file a Petition for alimony to see if you are eligible for an award of Alimony and Final Counsel Fees; in this manner, the attorney will be receiving at least part ofhis counsel fees from your husband.


I wish you the best, XXXXX XXXXX not give up!


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ANDREA, JD, LL.M., Taxation

Member, NY & PA Bar


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have already contacted the bar as well as legal aid. I need a lawyer that will fight what was done in the final hearing. I want to fight the divorce if the courts are not going to make him comply. He is happy I have nothing and no money or means of fighting him or paying someone to represent me. I am on the verge of suicide.I have never in my life been in such a mess.Someone has got to help me. Hell they can have the title to my car but I need someone to fight for me. He makes too much money for me to be left in this mess.

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