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I have a child custody and support order in north carolina,

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I have a child custody and support order in north carolina, and I live in colorado. the mother and kids have moved to colorado and the mother is now receiving state aid such as medicare and foodstamps. can she leave colorado with the kids without my permission?
Thanks for your question.No you file with court in NC here and seek sanctions or custody modification.Since she has not gotten your permission or that of the courts here she could face the judge's wrath.

She may in fact be in contmept here as well if the orders expressly forbid relocation.You are going to need a NC lawyer if you want to seek sanctions and custody as well based on this change of circumstances.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so with the uniform family support act, can I use my local child support office to change custody so I don't have to go to north carolina or does all that need to be done there?
You have to change custody in NC here .Once you have custody you can have Colorado work a support case.And if she is getting benefits here the state will soon be after you for recovery so custody change would be good for you..

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so i contact NC and start the custody order with them? will that change colorado to the CEJ?
If you want col;orado to have jurisdiction and that is possible you motion to relase here in NC.Or you could try for custody in NC because she failed to notify the court before she relocated.this is a tactical decision on your part.Colorado judge would be mad she moved here but it would be easier for you because of distance to get it realesaed and refile for custody in Colorado.You really choose your direction here..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so since Im the non-custodial parent, can I have the order released from NC?
Yes you can have the whole case released.You are a party here, either party can file to do so.
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