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Seek to fnd out how the legal process work for Gudianship for

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Seek to fnd out how the legal process work for Gudianship for Disable mother. I, (son) plan to file for legal gurdianship of disable mother for her person and estate. I, will be claiming elder abuse by sister. I, believe I, will be the petitioner and mother the respndent. I, would like the court to appoint an attorney on my mother behalf, to find out if, the sister has recently enter a transaction to sell real estate property and purchase property in her name only for her personal gain. Also to prevent my mother from being place in a nursing home against her will at a later date. Sister doesn,t inform family members of mother personal affairs, finance, medical, state for some time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 8 years ago.


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To establish a guradianship/conservatorship over a person who lacks capacity to care of himself, it is necessary to petition the state's probate court to establish a conservatorship. In the petition, it is generally necessary to explain why a conservatorship should be established, how this is in the best interests of the person who has been determined incompetent, and why the petitioner is fit for the role. It is important to note that incapacity must be legally determined for this to be the case. If this has not yet been determined, it may be necessary to allege and show incapacity in the petition.

A petitioner can likely expect several court hearings on the matter so as to determine whether incapacity exists and whether the petitioner is appropriate for the conservatorship.

You may find the following site useful. It provides a great deal of information pertaining to being a guardian, though it does not explain the process.

You will want to retain the assistance of a licensed Illinois attorney to assist you in becoming your mother's legal guardian.

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