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i live in florida and am trying to get a restraining order

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i live in florida and am trying to get a restraining order from my family in new york to have no contact with my 14 year old son while he is in counseling.what do i need to do ?they are constantly instant messaging him and talking on the computer with him to disrupt his therapy,i have taken his phone and computer away but they are still contacting him.please help
Do you have sole/primary custody of the child?
Is counseling at a set time?
What is the nature of the emails and text received during counseling?
Is it ok for your family to communicate with him during other times of the day?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes i have sole custody of my son,his mom lives here in florida and is on my side and has been helpful.the problem started when i let my son go to new york to visit my brother and his ife and daughter.two weeks after he got there he called me and told me he did not want to come home and that he wanted to go to school up there i told him it was out of the question and ilet him stay another week there then went up there to get him and it was a fight getting him on the plane but i did.he has been here since august 3rd and has been in counseling since.
Thank you for the additional information. You need to go to your local circuit court/help center and file for a Restraining Order to protect your child. The florida court is the proper court to issue to order to prevent your family in NY from contacting your son. It will take longer to obtain because your family in NY has to be served with the notice but the matter would still function just as if they lived in Fl too. If you're not familiar with your nearest center then go to the following website to locate your center.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there are 5 different people involved can i do it all at once on all 5?
Yes you would be filing against all 5 people at the same time.
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