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My name isXXXXXon and I live in Haleyville Alabama and

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My name isXXXXX and I live in Haleyville Alabama and I have a friend that is 39 and a single father of two girles that are 13 and 15 and the 15 yearold is on probation for not going to school and going behinde her father about dating a boy that 17 or posably older and she had a baby 4 days ago. The whole family wounts me to have custody of the baby because the house that they live in is not safe nor stable for the baby and they live with his mother and the floors are falling in and roatches are so bad that the family all has scares on their arms and legs from the roaches bithing them and DHR is wounting to take the baby unless the baby is with me and DHR has also told him that he is an unfit father and now the girls are trying to get him to take the baby from my home even though told them that they will take her and they will never see her again and I am trying to keep the baby in the family and safe so my friend and I wount me to have custody of the baby so can I get custody?

You can get custody of the baby. There are several things you can do.

1. The baby's parents can sign over custody of the baby. This would make you legally responsible for the child. In essence, you'd have all the rights of a parent.

2. The baby's parents can give consent for guardianship. This will give you the right to information on medical and educational issues of the baby, but will maintain more parental rights with the biological parents.

3. You can go through DHR and become a foster parent of that child. You will be given a small allotment of money for the child's care, along with other services.

In all three cases, if the parent's straighten out, they may be able to seek the return of the their child. Also, the procedures are easy if both parent's agree. However, if the father is involved, he could choose to fight.

In closing, if DHR and the parents are behind you, I don't see any reason why the judge wouldn't award you custody.

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Best regards,
Lisa M.

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